Welcome to Mystic Water my site dedicated to the Japanese language. Here I'll post videos from anime & video games to help with reading & listening skills.
"The sun brings life, but the dark brings death. And these flowers bloom in darkness. So darkness is evil, light is good. Whether you want to call them Heaven's Mirror or Death Lights, that's up to you Frederic." - Polka


November 1,2023 I have changed a lot of video links and hope to be finished by the end of this year. All videos should work within 6 months.
August 10, 2023 I'm moving my Japanese language videos to a new channel. I'll focus on watching and uploading videos in Japanese there. Some videos posted here may not work well until I have time to change the codes. I added a new link to my Channels page.
February 25, 2023 New layout by MAL.
February 11, 2023 New domain - mysticwater.org.